Classes Resume at Marseilles Elementary School

Last spring, the levy protecting the Illinois River town Marseilles was breached when nine adrift freight barges crashed into it. The resulting torrent of water raced through the town, damaging over 200 homes and flooding the lower and ground levels of its elementary school. After 7 months of accelerated clean up and reconstruction, Marseilles Elementary School District 150 is again holding classes. The repair work was extensive – affecting over 50,000 SF of the school – and required ten portable classrooms for student use during reconstruction. Damage to the kitchen required all new equipment. The cafeteria and classrooms on the main floor were rebuilt. Floors finishes, ceilings and interior walls were replaced or rebuilt. Indoor air quality was monitored during the process to assure classrooms were ready for use once work was complete. Building systems; heating plant, fire alarm, and domestic hot water supply were replaced or rebuilt and the school’s elevator was reconstructed.
One of the driving forces behind the aggressive schedule was the school district’s obligation to host its conference’s basketball tournament in December. Because Marseilles Elementary had originally been a K-12 school, its gymnasium is high school regulation size. When the school flooded, several inches of water covered its wooden floor. The entire area was cleaned and repainted, a new HVAC system was installed, bleachers were dismantled, cleaned and reconstructed. A new select maple floor was installed and finished in time for the conference tournament.
Classes resumed a few weeks later in January with the start of the 2014 spring semester. The project was completed on time and within budget.